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Thursday, May 04, 2006



Things that have inspired me lately:

1. Chef Alice Waters on the spiritual significance of food and meals (as quoted on the Web site for Heritage Foods USA)
"We have always seen the meal as a center of the human experience. At the table we are nourished and gladdened, put in touch with the source of life, and reconnected to traditions and creativity. This is true of everyday life as well as special occasions. A good kitchen respects its sources, chooses ingredients that are sound, seasonal, local when possible, and appropriate to the event. Garnish and presentation play supplemental roles, not principal ones. Respect for traditions, both artisanal and sophisticated, is an equal to inventiveness and improvisation."
Yes yes yes yes yes.

2. Stephen Colbert's satiric send-up of the President and the mainstream media at the annual Press Corps dinner.

3. The "U.S.A. in Three Words" feature on the Web site for P.O.V., and indie film series on PBS.

4. Practicing yoga at home and at Tranquil Space, reading Yoga Journal, and thinking about my yoga trip to Tobago (floating in the sea...)

5. Reading The Red Tent, by Anita Diamant.

6. Helping L'Enfant on 18th Street in Adams Morgan celebrate their 3-year anniversary. The theme of the party? $3 glasses of champagne and a free shoe shine...

7. All the flowers in bloom on my street, and being able to see green out of the front of our house.

That's a lot of inspiration in one week. Lucky me.

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