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Sunday, April 02, 2006


Things learned on a yoga retreat in Tobago

1. I am powerful.
2. I can let go of fear.
3. Even though I haven't traditionally been athletic, I can be athletic now. I am strong. "Focus on what you can do," one of my yoga teachers said.
4. Roosters in Tobago (toe-bay-go) start crowing at 2 am and don't stop all day.
5. There is nothing more wonderful than floating in the sea.
6. I enjoy challenging myself.
7. I am a master napper.
8. I love the sound of wind rustling through palm trees.
9. Opening my eyes after shivasana (resting state at the end of a yoga practice) to see a sky full of stars fills me with profound gratitude and feelings of abundance.
10. A week without an ounce of media - no newspapers, no television, no ads - is exhilirating and restorative. I wish I never had to read or send an email again in my life.
11. This mantra brings me peace:

(inhale) Everything I need and desire
(exhale) The universe provides

(inhale) Everything I have
(exhlae) I give away

(inhale) Everything I give
(exhale) Comes back to me ten-fold.


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