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Thursday, July 06, 2006


Giving notice

I gave notice at my job this week. I've been there 6 1/2 years - that's longer than I was in college - almost as long as I've been married. I feel like I'm graduating, in a way, into adulthood. Taking off the training wheels. I'm going to be freelancing (new media consulting and content development, thankyouverymuch), and it's exhilirating - yes, exhilirating. I'm - giddy. The thought of dipping in and out of things, brief immersion, independence, flexibility...helping more people, more organizations...experiencing more things...trying things... exhilirating. I'm done being immersed in one organization for a while. Done marching to a mission statement other than my own. Graduating. Keep in touch. Have a gr8 summer.

C-Ya! KIT. Keep it real!

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