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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Terrible horrible no good very bad day

1. We have rats in our kitchen.
2. The exterminator discovered a gas leak.
3. Did I mention we have rats in our kitchen? "Rats," plural. We've had 2 spottings in the pantry and 1 that just scurried across the kitchen floor in broad daylight.
4. I was supposed to get tickets to a baseball game for Father's Day and didn't act quickly enough, and now the game's sold out, and I feel terrible, and my mom keeps telling me how disappointed my dad is.
5. I have so much to do at work that my head is spinning.
6. I am jet lagged from a long weekend on the west coast.
7. I have been so busy since we got back that I still haven't unpacked.
8. My dog wants to play but I can't muster the energy.
9. I haven't practiced yoga in days.
10. I disagree with my improv troupe on something and hate feeling like the negative one, or the one who's making things difficult.

Phew. It's amazing how just writing that down puts it all in perspective. None of this really matters in the long run. All that's real is this moment - Cosmo at my feet; the sound of birds outside my window, the cool breeze, the bright green trees. My breath, going in and out. My body moving toward the floor, ready to practice yoga, ready to come home.

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