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Wednesday, March 08, 2006


White guy improv

Last night someone tried to convince me that it's harder to find strong women improvisors - that too many women are afraid to play anything other than "the pretty one." I call bullshit on this. I have never met a woman improvisor who fits that description. Given, my experiences are limited to a year's worth of classes with one DC improv theater, but it outrages me that a discussion would even be framed in this way. The person was quick to qualify that of course there were plenty of bad male improvisors, too. Well, yeah. I personally am tired of seeing a testosterone parade on stage - I see performance after performance with six or seven men and maybe one woman. I was talking to some friends about this and someone said that, "yeah, well, improv is pretty much a white guy thing." Why is that?

I'll come back to this topic. For now, an article I found about women bashing in Chicago improv:
Carnival of Misfit Toys

Alrighty then, I call bullshit squared. If anything, I don't know how to play "the pretty one." Secretly, you will tell me who said this, and we'll show him a little something about the rage of estrogen. It should make you proud that in the final 9 this past weekend at auditions, 5 of us were ladies. Woot!

Oh, and I swear I'll email you back soon.
heck, lili tomlin and meryl steep with their semi-improv were one of the better part of the oscars.

and i ALWAYS play "the pretty one"...
I was there, and it was actually a (very talented) female improviser who said that. And I don't think she was "bashing" female improvisers, I think she was speaking from years of experience. I doubt she made this up just to hate on other female improvisers. Or maybe she's just never seen the right ones...
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