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Friday, March 03, 2006


Save the Source Theater

There's a movement afoot to save the Source Theater on 14th St. NW - specifically, to preserve the building as an arts space instead of selling it to Bedrock Bars. Last night I attended an ANC meeting - my first - where the issue was on the agenda. The hope was that enough of us would show up to convince the ANC of the community's concern over the sale. It worked - they approved a motion to officially oppose the sale, and will be urging Mayor Williams and DC Councilmember Jim Graham to initiate legal action against the sale. They will also attempt to meet with the Bedrock company to see if they're open to working with the city to find another space. For more background on the sale, check out my friend Jaime's site, Stop, Blog and Roll; to follow the story moving forward, and/or to sign a petition opposing the sale, check out the Save Our Source blog.

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