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Saturday, January 21, 2006


Kung-fu for your phone, artistic vision & raw fish

Just sat through a panel on mobile entertainment, e.g. video on cell phones, PDAs, etc. Such a disconnect between the (middle-aged, white, male) panelists and the artists who come to the festival - one guy talked about the success his company has seen with a "Brady Bunch Kung-Fu" game for cell-phones, and plans to cut together the best video of Pamela Anderson running down the beach on Baywatch...this at the same festival where artists talk about spending 10 years telling the story of a woman who lived under a rollercoaster (this was actually a film at Slamdance, the festival that bills itself as what Sundance used to be, before it went commmercial - and this film apparently took more like 6 months to make, but believe me, the streets here are full of people who spend 10 years trying to tell a story right).

The karoake film I mentioned yesterday is still the best thing I've seen - it's been really hard to get tickets to things. On Thursday night my husband and I waited in line for 2 hours to get into the opening night screening, "Friends with Money" - a film in which Jennifer Aniston, ironically, plays the friend without money. The friends with money are played by Frances McDormand, Joan Cusack and Catherine Keener. I know this from the festival guide, not because I saw the movie - no one in the wait list line got in, which frustrates me because someone later told me there were a lot of empty seats. But when we couldn't get in, we got sushi at a place called the Blind Dog Cafe, where last year we put Cosmo's photo on the wall full of dog photos - and it was still there. So we cooed, and ate delicious raw fish, and drank martinis, and all was well.

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