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Wednesday, December 07, 2005



my husband says he likes my post from this morning, except for the last paragraph, which is mushy.

i know it's mushy. i knew it as i wrote it. i knew it would turn people off - like my brother-in-law. i am sure he read it and thought, "oh, jesus." but it's how i feel. i am mushy. i am sentimental. i am emotional. i am also intellectual, critical, analytical, etc. (dare i say - i contain multitudes....)

i am sitting in busboys and poets. it is so loud that when i stop and focus to see if i can hear snippets of conversation above the din - i can't. there are pale branches suspended from the ceiling with invisible wire, adorned with crystal and glass ornaments that sparkle - a ballerina, teardrops, a dove, a Christmas tree. a man is cackling. there is some sort of jolly music underneath all the chatter, like a carousel. the waitress is african american, skinny with big hair and huge silver earrings shaped like peace signs. the man next to me wears thick coke bottle glasses - he's balding, with a ponytail, and he's wearing a turquoise sweatshirt with a scooby doo logo and little pictures of scooby. he has a book called "approaches to media - a reader."

the girls across from me are all wearing pink, except for one, who is in all black.

i will finish my guinness and we will go home. i could linger but my husband is tired - a role reversal. there goes that waitress again - in addition to the peace earrings, she's wearing big turquoise beads tied in a knot. a man nearby bellows, "where are you!" and then, "shhh." he has a pointy goatee and a pointy black winter's cap. he is with 3 other people and 3 of them are on their cell phones.

the waitress is also wearing an orange bra, and the strap shows when her black sweater slides off her shoulder.


oh, jesus. what else can i say? . . . from you know who.
did you see the mention in dcblogs thursday? congrats!
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