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Tuesday, December 20, 2005


confessions of a not-so-dangerous mind

1. i inadvertently turned on the "comments moderation" feature of this here blog, so if you have submitted a comment and wondered why it wasn't showing up... that's why. i've published the 'backlog' and from now on, comments will go directly live, which is as it should be.

2. i have been playing the role of workaholic for the past week or so (well, for several years, but i had it under control until recently). i prefer the part of balanced human being.

3. my goal this year was to start volunteering and i haven't started volunteering.

4. last week a friend of mine said, recounting an experience in which someone hurt her feelings, "i just can't help it, i'm always surprised by how people behave" - and i said, "we're all on our own path in this crazy world, we all have our own context, you have to accept that what people do is about them, not you." i believe that. but when i read the paper and see bush's approval ratings are climbing, i slam into a wall of incomprehension - what context could you possibly exist within and think this torture-enabling, privacy-invading, secretive "i know what's best for the country so i'll do whatever the hell i want in the name of fighting terrorism and i won't be accountable to anyone and people will be too afraid to question me" president is someone to approve of? he holds a bunch of press conferences so now we think iraq is going well after all? what is wrong with people? (in terms of a confession - my confession here is that my zen acceptance of differences has its limits. i am angry.)

that is all for tonight.

and it's past your bedtime! you sneaky-snake - i didn't see you when you left tonight :(
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