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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Peace Activist Held Hostage

I sat down to eat my breakfast and a story on the front page of the Post caught my eye:

Kidnapped in Iraq
Tom Fox, above, a longtime Virginia resident, was
among four peace activists taken hostage on Saturday
and shown in a video broadcast yesterday.

My stomach turned. I felt sick.

I wonder if they are being tortured. What goes around comes around, right? Why should Iraqi insurgents show any more respect for human life than we do? Let us pray that Tom Fox is not subjected to any of our country's techniques, such as:
burning people

leading people around on leashes

stripping people naked

inducing hypothermia

smashing people's feet with axes

breaking bones

and more
I am praying for Tom Fox and the people being held with him. I am praying for all prisoners of war. I am praying that more people will show the courage to seek peace. I am praying that I will find the courage to do my part.

Frontline: The Torture Question
"Torture, American-Style," Washington Post

I submitted a long comment to your previous post on the movie Rent. Did you receive it? If so, is there a reason why you aren't posting it? What is the point of allowing comments if you won't post them?
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