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Friday, April 15, 2005


DC, Day 1

Home, sweet home! I was positively giddy as my plane landed yesterday, happy even to see Dulles airport, the familiar shuttle back to the main terminal, the under-construction pathway to baggage check. My cab driver was a slim, quiet man who I'd guess was Indian, and we drove in silence, until about half-way home when all of a sudden he started burping. Yes, burping. It was disgusting. Thank God for my husband's iPod, which I'd borrowed and which I quickly deployed, masking the sound of burps with "The District Sleeps Alone Tonight" by the Postal Service, on repeat.

After an exuberant welcome from my dog, I grabbed his leash and took him for a leisurely walk, soaking up the gorgeous early spring evening. Standing in the dog park, watching him and other dogs scamper and wag, I felt a wave of joy wash over me - thank God I am not in a hotel in Las Vegas. Thank God for this fresh spring air, thank God for the green trees and new green grass and weeping cherry blossoms and dark pink buds on long dark branches -- thank God for all of this, and for the perfection of happy dogs. Thank God I'm home.

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