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Saturday, April 16, 2005


All You Can Eat Sushi

Today is Sushi Taro's annual "all you can eat sushi" day, in honor of the cherry blossom festival. You pay $35 for access to as much sushi as you can handle. Now this is a concept I can get behind.

Last night I slept for 13 hours - 12 hours the night before. I feel that groggy, out of it feeling that comes with excessive sleep...I guess my body needed some rest after that conference and the stressful weeks leading up to it. Sushi should be the perfect salve.

Randomly, it might be the change of seasons rather than just stress. We've been having the same heavy sleeps up our way, with the usual (albeit high) levels of stress going on. The day we started opening the window at night, the super heavy sleeps began... Maybe Jersey industrial fumes lulling us the the neverending sleep... - JA
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