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Saturday, February 19, 2005


Laptop, glorious laptop

God bless you, Sony corporation, for returning my laptop to me in such good order!

A couple of weeks ago my laptop stopped working. It just wouldn't turn on. I called the nice people at Sony, and after talking me through the same trouble-shooting steps that are posted to their Web site ("yes, I'm sure that holding the power switch down for 15 seconds doesn't make a difference"), they told me I'd need to send it in for service. The next day a box arrived, and a few days after that, I shipped it off.

Sony estimated that it would be returned to me after 10 business days, so I resigned myself to 2 weeks of using my husband's (clunky, noisy, frustrating) computer. (Sorry honey.) And then, only 2 business days later: there it was, waiting for me when I got into my office one day. Oh happy day!

I bought my laptop last fall and it was love at first type. Sorry, that was corny - but seriously, as someone who has an aversion to all things electronic, it has been thrilling to have a machine that fits so seamlessly into my life. It doesn't dominate my living room like our TV, DVD player, TiVo, and stereo components (dear Lord - between these items and all the books and DVDs we have on display, our living room is media overload central!). It doesn't make a lot of noise (the other computer's fans create an ongoing and nerve-wracking hum), or come with the baggage of a bunch of ugly black wires (oh, how I hate looking at wires). I can sit on the couch or my bed or in the coffee shop down the street - it goes where I am.

Isn't that the whole point of technology? - to fit into, rather than take over, your life?

You are hereby totally, completely, and utterly banned from using my "clunky" computer. It got you through the bad times (i.e. when your "perfect" laptop was all busted) and now you have the nerve to dis it so horribly? Step off...
Dude, you've been bitchin' the last few times I talked to you about your need to replace the two year old clunker with a hot-off-the-presses newer model. Don't profess overt love for your box when you'd happily ditch it for the first 3 GHz machine you see coming around the block... That said, every laptop I've ever used has had a secret desire to kill me, so I have no love for them, other than the nice ability to watch DVDs on the train... - JA
You know what? I'm allowed to bitch about that machine, I've stayed up nights reinstalling it, I've stuck with it through thick and thin, and I built the damn thing myself. So if I'm ready to say goodbye for a new model, that's my prerogative. But my ungrateful wife, however, is a different story. She wants to use it when it's convenient then leave it in the dust for some shiny beast from Sony. That's just rude. - JH
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