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Monday, January 17, 2005


Up above, down below

I am in the mountains. There is snow on the ground and pine trees, and the lodge where I'm staying has high ceilings with wood beams. There's a gas fireplace and big oversized mugs with 'meese' (moose - plural) and bears on them from which to drink my coffee, which is from a packet and not very good, but I don't care. There is a river rushing directly outside, yes directly outside our room, and the sound of rushing water is like the ocean and therefore I am at peace.

Driving in last night in the dark we came through a canyon; snow-covered mountains loomed on either side, and we pressed our faces to the windows of the car, and the word that came to mind was: awe-inspiring. The car climbed up the mountain, up, up, and my husband said, "we don't even have this altitude at home." Only an hour before, coming in on the plane, we saw mountains mingled with clouds and a snowy city that looked like the inside of a computer, and he said, "it's hard to believe someone designed that from ground-level." How different the world seems from up above.

Here! Present and accounted for. V.
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