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Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Say "here"

In my profile I suggest I have stories to tell. But the thing is, writing this blog makes me terribly self-conscious. It's not ultimately personal writing - I save that for my journal, and there are entire categories of things I'm not comfortable sharing in this form. Maybe in fleshed out personal essays (or poetry, or even a screenplay) but not in daily postings that are supposed to be spontaneous. Yet I'm not blogging about politics or music or culture - the subject is me. So I'm writing about me but holding back. Which is probably the worst kind of writing there is.

Which is probably why the voice I'm hearing on these pages is too often not one that sounds authentically mine. I'm thinking maybe over the next few weeks I'll publish some things I've worked on prior to starting this blog... maybe that will help me figure out how to retool the format and approach of this thing to make it into a vehicle for expression I'm proud of, rather than this half-diary.

{I wonder, is anyone reading this other than friends and family? I'm guessing not. But if you're reading this and you don't know me, please say "here." I changed the comments feature so you can post anonymously...}

I felt bad that no one had said "here" yet. So even though I fall into the friends category: "here." - JA :)
Well aren't you sweet, JA. :) Don't worry, I wasn't exactly expecting a large response...
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