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Thursday, January 13, 2005


Improv lessons

"It doesn't matter what decision you make - it just matters that you make a decision."
--my improv teacher

He was saying this in reference to an improv game we were playing in class, but it was also one of those "improv lesson as life lesson" moments. Certainly, it matters whether you decide to kill a man, but generally speaking, I take his point; I think of all the times my husband and I have hemmed and hawed about whether to move to another city, whether to pursue this occupation and lifestyle or that one, whether to buy a house, and it seems like finally the answer is: Life is short. Make a decision and go with it. You can always make another decision. Or, as JFK said, don't ask why - ask why not. Why not try something. Won't your life be that much richer, that much more interesting, for all the things you try, rather than all the things you think about maybe one day trying if the weather is just right and you get permission from five important people?

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