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Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Eating white beans.

My husband is at the movies tonight so I cooked for one, which means I'm eating white beans, as I often do when he's not here. White beans/spinach/sundried tomatoes, white beans/diced tomatoes/onions...or, what I'm having tonight, white beans/artichoke hearts/black olives. Garlic's a given. So are olive oil and parmesan. I usually have it over pasta, but tonight I had it with toast and butter - which I know is weird, but for the past year I have been on a huge butter kick; I find every opportunity to eat it. (Well, it's actually I Can't Believe It's Not Butter - Light...but it tastes the same to me. Diet ice cream? No thank you. Diet butter? A-ok.)

As I was waiting for the toast to toast I had to laugh, because when I was a kid, and my mom would go out of town on business trips, she'd always leave meals for my dad to give me, and she'd tell him to "put something with it." You know:

Monday - casserole (put something with it)
Tuesday - soup (put something with it)

Etcetera. She meant "something" as in salad or even carrot sticks, but what did my dad serve up instead, every time, without fail? Toast. :) When I was in college my mom gave me a cookbook of family recipes and it included an entry called "Daddy's Toast."

This blog is funny, I think I don't have anything to say and then these stories spill out of me... funny thing when you have an audience. (Sort of.)

What I was going to say when I logged in was this:

My favorite things today
1. Sleeping in an hour late.
2. The smell of pine.
3. Noticing the moon. I love the moon in winter. I remember sitting in Harper's Ferry with my husband eating a Snickers bar and staring at the man in the moon. The other day we noticed you can now buy a Snickers bar on amazon.com. But I digress.

My least favorite things today
1. Over-use of "happy holidays" as a politically correct but meaningless substitute for "Merry Christmas" - at the office, in email, on the radio... it's everywhere! Drives me crazy. I'm actually worked up about the fact that Christmas is a national holiday, too. Not that it's news, but it just hit me this year... what happened to being a secular state?
2. A big project at work that is hanging over my head. Sigh.

Ok, off to finish my white beans, which are now cold. Mmm, cold white beans.

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