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Saturday, December 18, 2004


Dogs and politics.

Today the dog park was full of little dogs. Not "little" like those rat dogs you see in New York, but Jack Russell terriers, which are too small for my taste, but still believable as members of the canine race. Except for this one Jack Russell that was the runt of her litter and looks like a little piglet. (There was actually a dog named Piglet in our neighborhood, but I haven't seen her in a while, I think she moved away.)

Anyway, I am the classic dog park person in that I know many of the dogs' names and few of the people's. I am also not really a part of the dog park "clique" - we aren't there morning and night, we just kind of drift through on occasion, my dog mostly hanging to the side, watching, like me. (Or eating grass or sniffing stuff - unlike me.) I am fascinated by the notion that dogs are reflections of their owners... if that's true, then my husband and I are incredibly sweet and expressive, obsessed with food, separate from groups, and content to mostly lounge about with sporadic bursts of energetic playfulness. Hmm...that sounds about right. (Though I just realized that sounded incredibly arrogant - to say I'm incredibly sweet - but I think people might say that about me. Maybe I'm completely wrong.)

My husband has the radio on and they're talking about the myth of red state/blue state America - right on. After the election I was on a rampage about that map - almost half the people in almost every state in the country voted for the guy who didn't win that state....meaning half the people in every "red" state are "blue," and vice versa. The map should really be purple (like a big bruise - sorry, couldn't resist)... if you're interested in this, you should check out this site.

Now I'm thinking about the idea of "red state" dogs versus "blue state" dogs......I think it's time for me to sign off. :)

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